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C/ Agustín de Iturbide, 1 28043 – Madrid – España
Email: info@cdcanillas.com

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  1. Samuel Serrano

    Hello! I’m writing you guys from Florida, United States just to ask you a quick question. Do you guys have open tryouts available for winter? I was trying to fly Spain and give myself a chance to make an audition with a pro football team, and I was thinking about you. If you do have open tryouts for this winter, would you please let me know when should I go? How can I register? what are the prices?\

    Thank You for your time.

    Samuel Serrano

  2. andres lopes

    hola soy de colombia pues juego muy bien soy un medio neto pero estoy en ecuador y no e podido aser nada xq no tengo papeles

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